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DSL may be an old-school connection, but it can still handle most household internet needs. But, if DSL is your only option, know that AT&T’s speed promise of “up to” 100 Mbps is like saying you could fit “up to” 100 marshmallows in your mouth. It might be possible, but it’s unlikely to happen. DSL internet typically tops out at 35 Mbps—maybe 50, if you’re lucky.

Fiber-optic internet service, on the other hand, is delivered over microscopic glass strands as pulses of light, and it can hit download speeds over 1,000 Mbps (or 1 Gbps—gigabit per second). Most residential fiber internet services can reach max speeds of only 940 Mbps, which is still an impressive number—especially if you think of Mbps as marshmallows.

The higher the Mbps number, the lower the likelihood you’ll run into video buffering or internet slowing when more than one device or person is online. Triple digits is the place to be.

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The average download speed in Bell Gardens is 84.85 Mbps. This is 91.5% faster than the average in 0.5% slower than the national average.

AT&T offers DSL (digital subscriber line) and fiber-optic internet service in 22 states. The majority of AT&T’s internet coverage is DSL, with a smaller fiber footprint that reaches only a few urban and suburban areas during AT&T’s build-out of the service.

AT&T also offers fixed wireless internet in some rural areas that aren’t serviced by DSL or fiber.

They’re titled similarly, but AT&T’s streaming TV services aren’t exactly the same.

  • AT&T TV is a livestreaming service that comes with its own streaming device, beefy channel lineups that mostly mirror DIRECTV’s, and a two-year contract.
  • AT&T TV NOW (which replaced DIRECTV NOW) is a standalone livestreaming TV app that can work independent of AT&T internet service. It’s also more expensive than AT&T TV and features fewer channels, but it doesn’t come with an annual contract.
  • AT&T WatchTV is a mobile-focused “skinny” TV service that gives you 35 channels for $15 a month with no annual contract.
  • AT&T’s other streaming TV service, U-verse, stopped accepting new subscribers in April 2020.

AT&T’s Home Phone service, which can be bundled with its internet and TV services, is a digital VoIP landline service separate from AT&T Wireless.

How do I choose the best provider?


Look at satellite TV if you want service from some of our highest-rated TV providers. Get ultimate home flexibility with the Hopper® by DISH. Or make sure you get the game this Sunday with NFL SUNDAY TICKET on DIRECTV.


Want a great deal through bundling? Xfinity from Comcast, Spectrum, and Cox all have amazing Triple Play options to maximize your home services. You’ll also get access to your favorite HD channels with cable TV.


Maximize your channels, get access to HD options, and watch more on-demand services than ever before with fiber TV. AT&T, Verizon, and Frontier all have fiber TV services that balance your need for variety so you can watch TV like never before.

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